Palo Santo Wood Metaphysical Properties

The Palo Santo wood metaphysical properties have been understood and utilized by shamans for 

Palo Santo Wood metaphysical propertiescenturies for it’s healing and soothing effects.  In fact, it was named ‘Palo Santo’ meaning ‘holy stick’, or ‘sacred stick’, by shamans for it’s healing and metaphysical properties. It’s first use in recorded history dates back to the Inca era.

Metaphysics is the study of the structure of reality, beyond what is seen. Metaphysics literally means ‘what comes after physics’.  In the world of Palo Santo metaphysical properties, it is believed to have the ability to drive away negative spirits, entities, or harmful energies, and attract positive spirits and healing, uplifting energies. These positive Palo Santo wood properties lend it to being used in religious rituals and healing ceremonies dating back to the Incan era.

In these religious rituals the Palo Santo wood or pieces of charcoal of its wood, may be burned as an incense. In rituals it may also be taken internally as a tea. When burned ritually as an incense, the rising smoke permeates the aura, or energy field of the ritual participant, is also inhaled, and cleanses them of misfortune, negative thoughts or imprints in their energy and evil spirits.

The Palo Santo metaphysical properties cross over with it’s medicinal qualities, used both by indigenous cultures and by the Criollo people (colonial people of pure Spanish descent living in Spain’s South American colonies).   

The Criollo people used the smoke of Palo Santo along with the burning leaves of ruta chalepensis for patients with ear infections. (Ruta chalepensis is commonly known as ‘fringed rue’, a perennial herb native to Eurasia and North Africa, which has been traditionally used as an herbal remedy for inflammation and fever).  Palo Santo properties are also known to have been valued medicinally, by inhaling its smoke along with burning yerba mate leaves and even feathers of the rhea bird, (a flightless bird similar to an ostrich), for it’s healing effects. 

Palo Santo wood is very much used and prized in today’s modern times by both South America’s shamans and healers of many cultures and backgrounds. It is highly prized in the art of space clearing, for it’s potent effects in cleansing away negative energies. 

Palo Santo is also used in ritual as an essential oil, massaged onto the body for healing and relaxation, or in spritzers for aromatherapy and space clearing.